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aneb Já to mám jinak (in Czech)

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People keep searching for a miraculous pill to cure their problems. You can stop searching now. The reality is much simpler. We create our problems ourselves, even if we usually don’t know it. This book will give you understanding of how things work in this world, what are the rules we follow when creating both pleasant and unpleasant things in our life, in our personal universe

Then, I will show you a way to remove the unpleasant things that have been created, so that you can live only nice things in your life. All that done logically, transparently, straightforwardly, factually and with clear and unquestionable results.

This book will not tell you how to behave and what to do. It explains factually how to find concrete negations inside yourself and how to remove them for good.

The English translation of the book was published in June 2019 (you can buy the English version here) and German translation in December 2019 (you can buy it here).

The book has several parts. General description of how we work, where negative feelings come from, how negative programs originate and how we can recognise them. Then, a practical part with instructions how to process a relationship and a specific problem follow.  All described step by step, clearly but in detailed way. The book also contains Questions & Answers chapter; frequently asked questions and Karel's answers. As a bonus, there's a technique called "Wish Fulfilment', and also doctor's, psychologist's and psychiatrist's opinion. The whole book is interlaced by clients' stories and real-life examples for you to better undestand what the author tries to pass on. And if you know Karel in person, you know that jokes cant' be missing. 

The book has 424 pages, hardback with a book jacket, offset A5 paper, ISBN 978-80-260-8965-0.

Illustrated by Jan Haring. 

For more about the RUŠ Method and the author, Karel Nejedly,  visit:

You can also buy the book personally here:

You can also purchase the book from the retailers listed below. In this case, please do not place an order through the e-shop, but agree directly with the therapist or organization. If the place in question is not a fixed business, it is better to arrange the pickup of the book in advance. 

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